Payment Plans

At, our team is geared to turn your traffic into CA$H. Our current payment plans are as follows:

Revenue Share

As our ongoing partner, you will receive a revenue share of between 10%-15%, depending on the number of players that you refer. The more traffic you send, the more revenue you earn for all of your player portfolio with us.

Revenue Share
Number of NEW Members per month % of gross revenue you receive
0-10 10%
10-50 12%
50+ 15%

CPA (cost per acquisition)

In the CPA model, we will pay you a bulk sum for each new member that carries out a purchase of a lottery ticket via our site. The more new members that you refer, the more money you will earn per player. The CPA plans are offered, analysed and approved on a case by case basis, and if you are interested, please contact your account manager or write us at

In addition to the above, we are flexible in a wide range of possible payment plans, customized to fit your sources of traffic and potential, contact our Affiliate Team for more information.